Iowa Roots with a Commitment to Justice.

Born and raised in Tama-Toledo, Laura first came to Des Moines to attend Drake University Law School. As a lifelong Democrat, Laura Roan has been a voice for underrepresented groups inside and outside the courtroom, especially women and children. 

For 30 years, Laura has prosecuted crime across Iowa's 99 counties, working as a public servant on behalf of Polk County, the Iowa Attorney General's Office, and the United States Attorney's Office in the Southern District of Iowa. She regularly trains police officers and other prosecutors, sharing her expertise as a leader in combatting homicide, domestic abuse, and sexual violence. 

Laura Roan has a deep understanding of Iowa's criminal justice system, both how it works and where improvements are needed. As the next Polk County Attorney, Laura will rely on her experience and proven track record to keep you, and your family, safe. She will prioritize public transparency and ensure that this office remains accountable to the citizens of Polk County.