We're Voting for Laura!

Experience matters, especially when it comes to fighting crime and seeking justice in Polk County. We want a County Attorney who understands the criminal justice system, will fight hard for survivors and victims of crime and ensure that justice is fair and evidence-based. That is why we are supporting Laura Roan for Polk County Attorney. Join us!

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Laura Roan has the right values to lead Iowa’s largest county attorney’s office. She understands labor issues because she is a working member of AFSCME local 1868 and earned their endorsement. And she understands that the county attorney is an important community partner in meeting the unique challenges faced by the justice system in Polk County. 

We know that Laura will prioritize children’s needs as county attorney, by supporting mental health services and working hard to minimize trauma and end the cycle of abuse. Keeping children safe and healthy is one of Laura’s top priorities, and ours too.


Laura Roan is the right person for the job and she has our vote as the next Polk County Attorney.

Rep. Bruce Hunter and Betty Brim-Hunter

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I served in law enforcement for more than 30 years and have worked many cases with Laura Roan, in both state and federal court. Together, we helped get justice for victims and surviving offenses including homicide, kidnapping, sexual abuse, and other crimes against children.

In every case, Laura led by example with her attention to detail, integrity, vast knowledge of the criminal justice system, and immense compassion for victims and families. She is one of the best prosecutors I have ever worked with.

Laura Roan has a record of relentlessly pursuing fair and equal justice throughout her career. This should make her your choice for Polk County Attorney.

Jim Thiele, Retired Special Agent - Major Crimes Unit Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation


Laura Roan is the right person for the job of Polk County Attorney. With years of courtroom experience, excellent judgment, and a deep understanding of the criminal justice system, Laura will bring new energy to the office and new eyes to complex problems. 

Laura can be counted on to exercise her discretion in a uniform and conscientious way, with due regards to individual rights and the needs of survivors and their families. She will assure that ‘equal justice for all’ is not just a slogan, but a reality for Polk County’s diverse populations. I endorse Laura Roan wholeheartedly.

Roxanne Conlin, Former United States Attorney, Southern District of Iowa; Owner, Roxanne Conlin & Associates, P.C.


We have worked with Laura Roan for more than a decade in our work as sexual assault nurse examiners and trainers. Laura consistently demonstrates extraordinary expertise in her work seeking and delivering justice for victims. 

Laura is always willing to share her vast knowledge and experience by volunteering in the community and mentoring other professionals. Laura has never sacrificed her personal or professional values and ethics. She always does the right thing, by promoting truthfulness, hope, and genuine compassion. 

To us, this election is not about partisan politics but instead supporting the right person for the job. Laura is a caring friend, mom, and coworker, and she will also be an amazing leader as the next Polk County Attorney.

Shannon Knudsen and Michelle Collette - Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Founders, 5.1.5 FoReNsis, LLC


I know Laura Roan from the 30 years I’ve been involved in victim rights issues, including my work as Chair of the Advisory Board for Polk County Victim Service and President of the Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance. I am familiar with Laura’s victims of crimes she encountered as a state and county prosecutor. 

Laura has earned the trust of victims of crime. She also knows that whether a person is a victim or offender often depends upon when the system finds them, and she will show mercy to offenders when appropriate. 

Polk County needs an experienced person to lead the county Attorney’s Office. Laura Roan has my unqualified support and I believe the support of all who know and have worked with her.

Karl Schilling, Democratic Activist & Former President, Iowa Organization for Victim Assistance


I consider myself lucky to have worked with Laura Roan for more than 20 years during my time as the Victim Witness Coordinator for the Area Prosecutions Division of the Iowa Attorney’s General’s Office. 

Laura is a leader and a teacher. She was a mentor and role model to me, other prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, victim-witness coordinators, and victim advocates throughout Iowa.

In the courtroom, Laura acts with integrity. She has respect for opposing counsel and the Court and, most importantly, shows compassion and kindness to victims of crime. 

Laura Roan works tirelessly to seek justice—for the victims, the victims’ families, and the community. She is highly qualified and she is my choice for Polk County Attorney.

Candis Lockard - Retired Victim Witness Coordinator

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I am proud to support Laura Roan for Polk County Attorney for many reasons; among them is her professionalism, experience, and dedication to the rule of law. Laura's expertise and common sense are needed to continue the reputation of the office for excellence in its pursuit of justice. 

As a law enforcement officer, I know the value of the County Attorney's Office for its mission to represent the interests of Polk County citizens, ensuring that the people are fully represented in all matters - civil and criminal. Laura will continue that focus. 

I look forward to partnering with Laura Roan to keep Polk County safe. 

Kevin Schneider, Polk County Sheriff

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Laura Roan's expertise as a prosecutor and a leader in the justice system is why I am supporting her for Polk County Attorney. She has decades of experience prosecuting serious crimes against women and children while working in the Iowa Attorney General's Office, and as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. 

Laura's commitment to seeking justice for victims and their families is exactly what we want to see in the next Polk County Attorney. She is the best choice to keep Polk County safe and implement changes that will improve the justice system. 

I enthusiastically endorse Laura Roan for Polk County Attorney. 

Rep. Jo Oldson

Proudly Endorsed By

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